Securing the
Connected Car Ecosystem

End-to-End Automotive Cybersecurity

Exceptional Multilayered Vehicle Protection

Full-Layer Security for On-Board and Off-Board Systems

xNexus: Analyze, Detect, and Respond to Threats


Analyze, Detect, and Respond to Threats

Cloud-Based Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Platform for Vehicle Security Operations Centers (VSOCs)

Powered by VicOne’s analytics engines, xNexus collects high-fidelity telemetry from multiple vehicle endpoints and prevents advanced cybersecurity threats in real time.

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xCarbon: Protect On-Board ECUs


Protect On-Board ECUs

Frictionless Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) for Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

Designed for hardened security, xCarbon is a robust software-based security agent that monitors anomalies in ECUs and deploys virtual patches, rules, or policies to intercept potential exploits.

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xZETA: Uncover Known and Unknown Vulnerabilities


Uncover Known and Unknown Vulnerabilities

Multilayered Scanning to Detect Software Vulnerabilities, Malware, and Backdoor Attacks

A cloud-based security management tool, xZETA scans vehicle software to identify vulnerabilities and analyze malicious behavior to effectively reduce the attack surface from the start.

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xScope: Test and Scale to Meet Unique Requirements


Test and Scale to Meet Unique Requirements

Comprehensive yet Flexible Penetration-Testing Service Specialized for the Automotive Industry

An automotive-grade penetration-testing service, xScope offers zero-day exploitability tests, deep assessments, and quick scans that are fully customizable to meet customers’ unique technical requirements.

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